Irrigation water storage is manufactured with the high density polyethylene resin and specially formulated and preferred product for anti seepage lining projects.  

GERUI adopts the first class automatic production equipment and three-layer blow molding technology. 

All our HDPE geomembrane pond liner is produced according with GRI GM13 test standard.

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Irrigation hdpe liner provides an impermeable barrier for water retention superior to concrete or asphalt lining in both cost and lower permeability, 

so 1.0mm HDPE geomembrane liner is widely used for agricultural irrigation water storage.

Concrete mixed sand are the common material to construct of water storage which has high labor cost and easy to leak after a long time.

Compared with concrete, HDPE geomembrane has lower cost, convenient and simple construction.

The cost of the anti-seepage geomembrane is about 30% -40% of traditional concrete cost.

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Using our company's geomembrane can save the cost of concrete construction and labor costs. 

The cost of geomembrane engineering only accounts for 30%-40% of the cost of concrete.

Geomembrane has better anti-seepage effect than other materials, which can improve the utilization rate of limited water resources and reduce the leakage and loss of water during transportation and storage. Geomembrane is laid in the diversion channel to reduce the loss of water during transportation.

The anti-seepage effect of geomembrane is better.It is the ideal geosynthetic material to prevent seepage for decades.Also can improve the utilization of limited water resources and reduce the leakage loss of water transportation and storage projects.

Add 2-3% carbon black to resist ultraviolet radiation and not be afraid of long-term sun exposure. Add LLDPE to make it still have good toughness in cold winter and avoid damage in extreme low temperature conditions.

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Due to the water seepage phenomenon in diversion ditches, a considerable part of water is wasted during the process of agricultural irrigation and cannot reach the field. At this time, geomembrane pond liner can be laid over the diversion ditch, which can prevent the seep of irrigation water and improve the efficiency and impermeability.

The geomembrane pond liner is the good choice for anti seepage lining projects due to the impermeable, acid, alkali and chemical resistance properties. It is can be used for anti-seepage in chemical sewage plants and refining sewage ponds to avoid chemical corrosion fluids and petroleum waste liquid spreads and leaks around. It is also used to prevent the chemical reaction tank from seepage, to ensure that the chemical reaction is successfully completed in the tank.

In recent years, with the progress of irrigation and water-saving renovation projects, anti-seepage materials such as geomembrane pond liner have been widely used for agricultural water containment project.